Tennis Lessons and Tennis Coaching in Los Angeles

Best Tennis Lessons Los Angeles has to offer!

  • Over 40 Years of coaching and playing experience.
  • Specializing in private lessons, group clinics, cardio tennis, tournament organization, leagues & team coaching, junior programs, drill sessions, weight training, tournament preparation (physical & mental), organization of fund raisers, charity events & outings for families in selected resorts.
  • P.T.R. Professional, U.S.P.T.A. Professional P-1

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Coaching is available at :

  • The Beverly Hills Tennis Academy- 1118 South La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90035
  • Balboa Tennis Center, Encino
  • Westlake Village
  • San Fernando Valley


Magic tennis is offering a complete tennis lessons program in Los Angeles. Gabe Harmat, the founder of Magic Tennis, has forty years of tennis coaching experience and has been affiliated with many institutions, some of which are: The Merchant of Tennis (Beverly Hills), Braemar Country Club, Porter Valley Country Club and more…. Tennis coaching in Los Angeles is provided to a wide range of players: private and group tennis lessons in Los Angeles for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Tennis classes are available for kids as young as 4 and the young at heart are welcomed to experience Magic Tennis instruction as well. The passion that Gabe has for tennis is evident in his tennis coaching style through his knowledge, caring and support.Tennis lessons with him become a great workout and a wonderful learning experience. The unique method of tennis instruction that Gabe has assembled combines modern tennis, “good old fashioned” hard work and tons of fun. Gabe is renowned for his tennis instruction in Los Angeles given to many celebrities and for his work alongside top tennis professionals, such as Rod Laver (Adidas Tennis Camp, Irvine). Magic Tennis provides quality tennis classes to all tennis enthusiasts with guaranteed results. Many refer to it as the “best tennis lessons program in Los Angeles” Give Magic Tennis a call at 818-422-9115 to take advantage of the challenging and exciting tennis classes that Magic Tennis has to offer!


Playing against a player with a “big forehand” can be difficult unless you can figure out how to play against his more vulnerable shot which is the backhand. It sounds good but in reality players with strong forehands are used to “run around their backhands” and to pinpoint their backhand is quite a challenge. So how can it be done? Simply by hitting cross court forehands to their strength for approximately the first twenty minutes of the match. This will keep your opponent “honest” for the rest of the match and force him to use his weaker backhand as the game progresses. Let me know how it is working for you!


  • Purchase 10 Tennis Lessons, Get 1 Tennis Lesson FREE! (For newcomers only)
  • $50 per lesson rate for all newcomers in Westlake Village and San Fernando Valley.